LAX - electrical boat concept

Bachelor project with a focus on innovation, user-interaction and brand identity. 
LAX in senario
LAX logo
model top view
LAX ´12
Exhibition model
model open
marketing possibilities
thoughts and functions
Interior sketching

"How can I challenge the existing boat market by designing a different and innovative boat brand? "


NOMINATED to the prize of form and expression at the AHO awards 2011.

One of Mikkel´s bachelor projects was a independent boat project for a periode of three months. The assignment included creating a new brand identity, the products LAX ´12 and LAX `20, a interacting steering wheel, a homepage and marketing. 


The LAX boats are rough electric-powered boats, that consists of the products LAX ´12 and LAX ´20, where the number describes the boat´s lenght in feet. 


Spesific product information: 


LAX ´20 is a stable triamaran that can be transformed into an open boat in fair weather and the possibility of a "closed" boat in cooler conditions. The boat has plenty of room for 5 people and sleeping possibility for 2 persons. The electric technology gives a engine that is almost quiet-going, which makes the boats drive silent and the natural sound of ocean gets a strong impact. 


LAX ´12 is a small and simple electric driven boat for users which don´t necessary have their own space for the boat at the harbour, but are looking for a environmental friendly boat with the functions and size that makes it easy to store the boat in a small private space, or finds it a need to be able to easily launch the boat when they want for shorter day trips.

The boat has seating possibilities for 3 persons and is built of high quality materials.