Ford Boxer

Transportation design project // master´s programme in transportation design, Umeå institute of design.  



The Ford boxer is a small electrical  camper / sport utility vehicle (SUV). In camper mode, the vehicle transforms into a static mobile home with sleeping space and living possibilities for 2 persons. 


The vehicle is robust with a honest and modern design language, with it´s original and intuitive storage rooms for a functional and systematic design approach. Ford offer through the Boxer consept, a premium smaller SUV for a sophisticated audience with a passion for outdoor activities and camping. 


The boxer features a minimalistic interior, divided into a drive, live and sleep area. Each area is designed for its given purpose. The exterior has several interesting features such as sun cell roof , intuitive storage boxes and a roof rail system that can turn into a hammock for relaxing or sleeping outdoor under the stars in nice weather conditions. 



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