SAAB Aerojet // Vehicle design project

In collaboration with Bayer MaterialScience, Germany. 
Saab interior by Mikkel Brandt bugge
Saab aerojet exterior by domink krug
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The Saab Aerojet has a functional, ergonomic and user-oriented interior. The instrument panel features only most necessary components, surrounding the driver. 


Saab Aerojet is a 10 weeks vehicle design project in collaboration with Dominik Krug at the master´s programme in transportation design at Umeå institute of design. The project was sponsored and done in collaboration with Bayer MaterialScience, Germany.


Bayer MaterialScience is one of the world leaders of plastic composites production and material supplier for the  automotive industry. Their automotive department aims to inspire the industry with the potensial of their products, shown through interesting concept cars. 


" By analysing the future car scenario where new technology influences the number of autonomous cars and the way people will be driving in the future, we wanted to think different and focus  on designing a car which offers a full human-drive experience, in addition to including features given by new technology. 


The Saab Aerojet is designed by a user oriented design approach. The car should attract urban sophisticated users which has a passion for performance, details and adventure.