Redesign of Rode ski equipment
Rode REVOlution
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Form development
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Prototype building
Prototype testing
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Cross-country users
Packaging possibilities
Clay sketching

Winner of the redesign competition, for Rode skiwax and Bjørn Dæhlie sport.


"First commercial product, realized and in stores..."

Rode Revo is designed in collaboration with Nils Øyvind Hartveit, for Rode Skiwax and active brands.


The assignment was to have a look at Rode´s existing products and find innovative methods to give Rode a greater market position by redesigning some of their already existing products in the field of cross-country ski equipment. 


The started off as a design competition between 4 different design teams, with the task to redesign Rode´s old ski-brush. Our result and the winner of the competition was called Rode REVO. The product features a innovative and different skibruch, which is designed with a user-oriented design process and a ergonomic focus. 

*6 months after the project finished, Rode started production and later launched it in sports stores in October 2013.