Playful lifejacket
"the king of the sea"
user-oriented design process
Prototype testing
Concept development

" Lifejackets are

often boring and not so comfortable, how can we make them more interesting and playful for kids to want to wear lifejackets?"

One of the project goals


"be the king of the sea"

Product design at AHO

Group project in collaboration with Daniel Jackson and Berit Håvåg


The packman lifejacket is a group project of making a lifejacket with the function of getting more people to want to wear safety devices out at sea. Our focus was to introduce a different product from what is on the present market and found out that we wanted to work towards the direction of playfullness, new technological materials, ergonomics and dicover the possibilities for improved fit. 


We worked with a user-oriented design approach in collaboration with several users, both professional boat users and sailers, and aswell towards amateurs and potencial customers. all in different ages and from different locations. 


" PACKMAN became a playfull and comfortable alternative to the regular lifejackets on the market, and most of all got much attention from grownups with children.