Lerum sport drink

Product design for Lerum As. 
Lerum´s sportsbottle

" The best part of the bottle is the innovative silicon strap feature, that is attached to the bottle´s cap. 


Lerum Aktiv is done in collaboration with Simon Søgnen Tveit, Trine Gedde and Astrid Langnes at AHO. 

Lerum is a norwegian producer of juice and jam. They want to expand their product delivery and gave us the assignment of designing a sports bottle which represented the Lerum brand. 


The projects gave us valuable experience of production methods such as injection molding and packaging posibilities such as shrinking plastic film.


Our result the Lerum Aktiv is a sports bottle inspired by natural values and a expression that communicates its content. It gives a good grip and comes with a innovative silicon leaf strap mounted to the cap, with the function and possibility of attaching the bottle to for example hooks.