The Jomfruland product series is the result of the introduction assignment, first semester,

the institute of design - AHO.  


The project introduced us to design methodology and design tools, form analysis and ergonomy, aswell as get understanding of form expressions and aesthetic values. 


We were given the task to designing a household product which should have the function of be able to store or contain fluid. I wanted to design a attractive carafe for cold and hot water, and produced by natural and environmental friendly materials. The result is a carafe series, inspired by Scandinavian design and produced with a material combination of glass, cork and hempline.


" The island of inspiration" 

The name of the carafe series is called "Jomfruland", which is the name of a beautiful, natural and silent island near the little town Kragerø, located at the southern coast of Norway. 

Product design 

Jomfruland carafe series 

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