Oslo LRV Exterior

Tram design in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation. 

Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram
Bombardier Oslo Tram

" A great opportunity to influence and inspire the people of Oslo for the next 30+ years. 

Norwegian Attitude, Oslo


In 2016 Norwegian Attitude was chosen as the preferred industrial design studio

by Bombardier Transportation, in their quest to win the tram tender competition for Oslo.

Oslo announced in 2015 that the city will upgrade their current public transportation

service with a minimum of 87 new trams by 2020.

In this big project we had the great opportunity to lead the industrial design development

of Bombardier´s light rail vehicle proposal in the tender competition for Oslo. 

Based on Bombardier´s Flexity plattform, Norwegian Attitude delivered holistic industrial design development including design research and strategy, concept development and design of total exterior, interior and user-experience design.  

In 2018, Bombardier was announced finalist in the competition, however unfortunately in the end

the contract was announced to CAF. The project gave us valuable knowledge of large-scale project management, as well great experience of being responsible for the Bombardier industrial design proposal in the competition. Once again, we would like to thank our client and the talented people at Bombardier for this highly interesting and amazing project.