Design of hydrofoil speedboat in collaboration with Lasse Farstad

Prototype development

" vannløper (eng. pondskater), the little bud that can run on water..


Vannløper (English: pond skater)
Is a personal project done in collaboration with Industrial designer, Lasse Farstad. 

The project started up in January 2014 and went on for 5 months.


With a passion for boats and a curious mindset of hydrofoils, the project Vannløper is exploring how hydrofoils can contribute to a better user experience when traveling in a small boat.


Hydrofoils are essentially wings that fly under water. By lifting the hull out of water you will eliminate the waves hitting the hull. This results in a much smoother ride.

The Vannløper ́s overall design is a focused around simple production methods, great and fun user experience, functionality and performance combined with unique details and aesthetics.